Property careers for graduates: valuation.

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Accurate valuation is at the heart of the property business and is a core competence for property professionals. Whether for the owner-occupier, investor or lender, knowing the market value of a property at any given time requires extensive knowledge of local markets, backed by experience, first-class research and expert valuation skills. The skill lies not just in being able to value a property, or group of properties, in their current condition and usage, but also in assessing their potential if redeveloped.

Asset valuations are needed for loan security, company accounts, rating appeals, compulsory purchase and legal disputes. You could be providing these services to a range of private, syndicated and corporate clients and pension funds. Valuation starts with property inspection, which means that you will be getting out and about. With a solid background and experience in valuations you could progress to providing professional and consultancy services.

Numeracy is important in this job, along with problem-solving, analytical and interpersonal skills.

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