Work experience in the property sector

Using your time in college to get career-related experience can help you get a job in property after graduation.

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All work experience is valuable but work experience gained in the industry will put you in a stronger position to get a job. One of the main aims of your time in college should be to acquire the skills that are required by employers. Many interviews are competency based, so if you have real-life examples of situations that demonstrate that you have the qualities employers are looking for, you will be far more likely to get the job you want.

Property-related work, gained through a formal work placement as part of your course or through summer work, is invaluable for putting theory into practice. Many graduates are offered permanent employment in the companies where they had previously worked during holidays or part time. However, any form of work experience can help you to develop your skills. The main thing is that you can articulate your achievements and show how these relate to the job you are interested in.

The most effective way of getting work experience is to approach employers directly, early in the year, by calling in and by sending in your CV and covering letter. Other ways include talking to people in the industry, the careers service, and tutors, and generally building and maintaining your network of contacts.

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