Applying for jobs - when should you disclose your disability?

Disclosing your disability in your job application could be a positive move.

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When applying for jobs, you may be worried about discrimination if you disclose your disability – but you can use it to present your positive attributes to an employer.

Disclosure is a personal choice and you can decide at any stage of the job application process whether to disclose or not. The advantage is that you can demonstrate a disability in a positive light to an employer, for example by demonstrating skills and attributes such as motivation, organisation skills and forward planning. Don't be put off by fear of being discriminated against – but this is against the law.

You can develop your employability skills and build up your CV while still in university, through involvement with clubs and societies, practical project work, and work experience. You should also research any entitlements you may be able to benefit from to help your progression into employment.

Further information

Association for Higher Education Access and Disability (AHEAD) Independent voluntary organisation working to improve access to third-level education and employment. AHEAD have produced an excellent booklet on disclosure which you can download from their website.

Kanchi Encourages employers in the private sector to recruit people with disabilities.

Blind Net Information on blindness-related issues and links.

Citizens Information Board National support agency responsible for advice on social services.

National Disability Authority (NDA) Information on disability-related issues.

Skill National Bureau for Students with Disabilities.

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