Graduate careers advice: you and your supply chain management degree

A degree in supply chain management will familiarise you with the process of getting products from source to consumer and the various procedures involved.

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Graduate careers advice for what career options you can pursue with your supply chain management degree.

Related jobs include:

Work experience

Experience in the field can be procured through programmes that offer internship opportunities. Employers will take note of any practical experience that makes you stand out from other graduates.

If you can’t find a place on such a programme, opportunities exist to gain ground level experience. Seek out any roles, paid or unpaid, in warehouses, distribution centres or logistics or consultancy firms.

More information on work experience can be found here .

What sectors?

A supply chain management degree prepares you for a variety of roles, in such sectors as:

  • retail;
  • distribution;
  • marketing;
  • public relations;
  • human resources;
  • risk assessment.

Your supply chain management CV

A degree in supply chain management will equip you with an awareness of management techniques, strategic decision-making and international supply chain management.

Topics you will become averse in include:

  • quality management;
  • global project management;
  • financial management;
  • global supply chain design and management.

Postgraduate study

Further study is recommended for anyone pursuing a career in logistics or supply chain management, with many employers demanding a masters level degree from potential recruits.

The Master in Operations and Supply Chain Management degree imbues its students with a comprehension of company supply chain from a global perspective, and will prepare you for work in a variety of global locations.

More information can be found in our Further Study section.

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