Christina Lynch, Technology Integration Analyst, Deloitte

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Degree subject Computer Science
Job title Technology Integration Analyst
Employer Deloitte

I studied computer science at university and was really interested in technology, but I knew that having a computer programming job wouldn’t be engaging enough for me. I wanted to find a role which allowed me to be involved in business decisions.

I learned about Deloitte and what they do in the field of technology at an open event that they hosted at UCD. They got us to work on a task in teams, where we had to brainstorm ideas for a client. I became really interested in the company, and following the event I completed an online job application which resulted in an interview.

I now work in the Technology Consulting department, where I monitor the systems used by companies in the public sector. I ensure that our software runs successfully, but if there are any problems then I resolve them as quickly as possible. I also suggest and implement changes to improve client systems, by fixing code for recurring issues and by developing ways of automating manual tasks. I enjoy working on a variety of different tasks.

Alongside these specific responsibilities, we get to work on projects in groups of people with similar interests, which we call ‘communities of practice’. One of the groups that I am involved in is the mobility group, which develops mobile applications. It is good to be able to learn more about them and to put what I’ve learned into action.

The training I received at the start was brilliant. I had the opportunity to meet people in my department and other areas of the company. We learned a lot during the training course and I made lots of really close friends.

Advice for graduates

Showing your willingness to learn is important. IT is an area that is constantly changing and is developing newer and better ways to do things. Being open to exploring new options is essential. During the recession, it’s also a good idea for people to try and broaden their options by exploring what other areas are available to them with their qualifications and skills.

Christina was interviewed for gradireland IT 2013

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