Darragh O'Riordan, Systems Analyst, Pfizer

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Degree subject Marketing; Computer Science
Job title Systems Analyst
Employer Pfizer

I started my IT career as a temporary employee working on a 12-month contract as a Business Systems Analyst (BSA) on the Pfizer drug product plant or ‘tablet plant' as it was called then. BSAs are responsible for the administration of a company's computer applications. This includes:

  • Creating users and groups for the system
  • Working with system vendors to develop the system's functionality
  • Maintaining data integrity
  • Managing system security
  • Problem recognition, analysis and resolution.

I have also been involved in project management and spent six months developing Pfizer's information protection plan (IPP). This involved tracking data/information on the site in both soft and hard copy. This data was classified according to guidelines set by Pfizer corporate. We then determined where the data had originated, how it travelled through the organisation and where it was stored.

In 2002 I had an opportunity to set up my own company: Darcom IT Consulting Ltd. I continued to work with Pfizer as a BSA, but I was now employed as a contractor. In 2003 an opportunity arose within the Pfizer Infrastructure department which is responsible for the management of the company's electronic infrastructure; I jumped at the opportunity to undertake another 12 months' work.

I now work for Pfizer's Corporate Information Technology (CIT) department. This is a cross-site dept that looks after the infrastructure for all of Pfizer's sites in Ireland. My primary role is the management of the level II support on LODP which includes the administration of all 'technological' products such as telephones and conferencing systems. Key skills I have had to call upon include:

  • Effective communication (a skill I developed during my time in marketing and sales)
  • Good understanding of IT from both an infrastructure and applications perspective
  • Problem solving
  • Time management
  • Ability to organise
  • Multi-tasking.
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