Interviewing at Kaseya

During your interview process you will get a clear sense of what it’s like to work at Kaseya and meet your potential teammates.

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1. Application

Head to our Open Roles to see what’s posted. If a role isn’t currently open, we encourage you to apply for future consideration.

2. Recruiter Screening

If there’s interest, a recruiter will reach out to schedule time to discuss the role, your background and your interest in Kaseya – and communicate detailed process expectations.

3. Take Home Assessment or Coding Assignment

Depending on the job, you may receive a take-home exercise to complete. This could be an assessment, a sample project or a coding exercise.

4. Interviews (In-person/Virtual)

This is your opportunity to meet with the hiring manager. Depending on the location, you may also have an in-person interview or multiple interviews.

5. Join the Team!

You aced the interview and it’s a match! Ready to join the Kaseya Rocketship? Submit your documents for background verification and seamless onboarding.

Meet Our Team

We want you to be comfortable and ready for your Kaseya interview. Below, we’ve gathered insights
from Kaseyans who share what they enjoy most about working at Kaseya.

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Cherry picked for you

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