CAD (Computer-aided Design) technician

Computer-aided design technicians use all their engineering, IT and mathematic skills to design buildings, products and parts.

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A CAD technician uses CAD software tin the creation of technical drawings and plans that are then used to create buildings, products and parts. CAD technicians mainly work in the engineering, constructions and manufacturing industries.

What the job involves

As a CAD technician you will spend a lot of your time with architects in helping them understand the requirements needed in order to construct their initial design as well as turning their designs into detailed 2D sketches and 3D models. You may also be involved in the creative industry and assist in projects such as interior design.


  • Technical skills are vital
  • Engineering background
  • Proficient in all Microsoft Office programmes
  • Attention to detail is of the upmost importance
  • High level of mathematics
  • Team work is essential
  • Good decision making
  • Flexible thinking
  • Excellent problem solving
  • Organisation and time management

Typical employers

CAD technicians usually work in the manufacturing, engineering and construction industries but there are numerous areas where their skills can be used.

  • Engineering companies
  • Construction companies
  • Aviation industry
  • Aerospace companies
  • The government
  • Motor companies

Typical qualifications

There are many relevant degrees that can be used to enter the role as a CAD technician such as degrees in engineering, construction, manufacturing, mathematics, IT and design.

The main route into this profession is to undertake an apprenticeship with an employer who operates within the relevant sectors. A postgraduate degree in computer-aided design or mathematics could offer a quicker route into the industry.


  • When starting in the industry CAD technicians can expect to earn €15,500-€22,000
  • After gaining experience the salary can rise to €22,000-€39,000
  • chartered CAD technicians can earn €39,000-€56,000

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