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Chemical development engineer

25 Jan 2023, 13:37

A chemical development engineer designs and modifies industrial processes in the production of a variety of products and speciality/commodity chemicals.

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The chemical industry develops and manufactures the chemicals we need in everyday life in a safe, environmentally friendly and economical way. Chemical development engineers are responsible for designing and developing systems that utilise chemical processes in manufacturing and production. They design specialist equipment and industrial processes which are safe for workers and for the environment and monitor efficiency of systems with tests, modifying them to increase yield or productivity.

Work activities

  • Designing, monitoring and developing chemical equipment and processes.
  • Ensuring systems are safe to use and as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • Evaluating costs and preparing production reports.
  • Conducting research.
  • Supervising maintenance staff.
  • Using software packages to design equipment and plants.

Work conditions

Travel: is dependent on the type of employer: trips abroad to other plants may be necessary with international employers.
Working hours: are usually 9 to 5, with longer hours for work on some development projects.
Location: Companies requiring chemical engineers are based all around the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Entry requirements

A BSc in chemistry/chemical engineering is necessary. Engineers Ireland lists accredited courses available across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Management positions require three to five years prior experience in the environment.

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