Energy consultant

An energy consultant advises state and local government and private businesses on more efficient ways of producing/using clean energy and energy efficiency.

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Energy consultants give advice on better practices and providing information on how to implement modifications and changes. Energy consultants have in-depth knowledge of the properties and implementation of renewable and alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power in manufacturing and production processes. Contributions toward environmental assessments, budgeting and use of specialised software also feature.

Work activities

  • Identifying energy saving measures for clients.
  • Assessing levels of energy consumption.
  • Suggesting alternative/renewable energy sources.
  • Providing guidance to clients and customers about energy efficient appliances and running costs involved.

Work conditions

Travel: can be necessary when visiting sites. Some international trips may be necessary with multinational corporations.
Working hours: are regular but vary greatly and sometimes include weekends depending on workload.
Location: in most towns and cities.

Entry requirements

A primary degree in a relevant subject such as earth sciences or environmental engineering is required. Various organisations and institutions in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland offer courses in renewable energy. Qualifications in management and business studies are also beneficial. Work experience in the energy sector is essential.

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