Fisheries Officer

A fisheries officer monitors, manages and protects farmed and wild fish stocks and the rivers, lakes and other habitats where they live.

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Fisheries officers work on either inland, freshwater fisheries or marine fisheries. Both areas involve protecting the environments for the fish and other organisms, surveying, taking samples and keeping records of fish numbers, educating and advising the public about sustainable fishing, analysing data, producing reports and corresponding with governing bodies and recreational fishing clubs an associations.

Marine officers will inspect vessels and markets to ensure they meet regulation standards. Freshwater fisheries officers survey rivers and fish stocks and ensure their environment is protected.

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) is responsible for the protection, management and protection of the inland fisheries resource in the Republic of Ireland. In Northern Ireland the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) enforces fishing regulations and byelaws and investigates pollution issues affecting fish.

Work conditions

Travel: is generally frequent through the day.
Working hours: usually office hours; may include some weekends.
Location: Vacancies are available throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Marine officer jobs are based in coastal areas and require time to be spent at sea.

Entry requirements

Relevant degree subjects for the role are biology, environmental sciences and marine sciences. Short courses in diplomas in fisheries management are available.

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