Press officer

A press officer represents a public or private organisation as the main media contact.

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Job description

A press officer represents an organisation as their main contact for the media. They handle all dealings with the media. The role entails a wide range of responsibilities, from preparing press releases and organising press conferences and interviews, to liaising with media contacts and monitoring media coverage of the organisation. Press officers are employed by a variety of private businesses, local authorities, charities and other organisations.

Work activities

  • Preparing and writing articles and press releases.
  • Handling enquiries from journalists and other media contacts via telephone calls, email and written correspondence.
  • Arranging and organising events, interviews and press conferences.
  • Liaising with media representatives and managers.
  • Monitoring current affairs and coverage of the organisation within the media.

Work conditions

Travel: press officers working for multinational organisations make overseas trips.
Working hours: are typically 9 to 5, but liaising with contacts can involve evening and weekends.
Location: positions are generally found in most cities.

Entry requirements

Candidates of most degree disciplines are accepted, although a degree with a strong emphasis on language and communication skills such as English or journalism are preferred. Experience in PR and the media is beneficial. Part-time and distance learning training courses in PR are offered by institutions across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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