Production manager/planner

Is responsible for the technical management, supervision and control of industrial production processes.

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Job description

Production managers are primarily responsible for increasing a firm's productivity and ensuring that production targets are met on time. They oversee the production process, manage the budget, ensure the supply of raw materials and monitor the quality of the products.

Work activities

  • Working in conjunction with the operational managers to schedule in the most cost effective way to drive overall operational efficiency
  • Planning and monitoring the capacity of equipment/facilities to optimise productivity
  • Assisting in the review of incoming sales orders with respect to delivery
  • Generating and maintaining manufacturing schedules and capacity data
  • Planning production teams’ daily activities, overseeing and supervising production staff
  • Ensuring the production teams have the required components
  • Liaising with purchasing personnel to ensure and monitor supply chain delivery
  • Scheduling material and overseeing stores departments
  • Providing technical support to the production teams
  • Providing daily, weekly and monthly production analysis for comparing the forecast to the capacity model
  • Participating in defining product specifications to meet both customer and process requirements.
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