Checklist for choosing a course

Ten easy steps to help you find the right postgraduate course.

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  1. Identify the type of programme you wish to follow – research or taught? Conversion course?
  2. Investigate the range of options available among those using relevant directories and websites.
  3. Consult your academic mentor, especially regarding your research interest.
  4. Find out about any funding options you can apply for.
  5. Check any closing dates you need to be aware of.
  6. Grades do matter – continue to pay attention to achieving the best result possible.
  7. Academic references count – you need to have someone who is highly supportive of your academic plans, especially for research applications.
  8. Application technique is important – a statement of purpose is increasingly required as an indicator of motivation.
  9. Talk to postgraduates in your own department and seek out people who are currently on your course of choice.
  10. Be prepared to persevere, persist and maybe compromise if you wish to succeed.

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