Why Accenture’s Business and Technology Integration Programme could be the right fit for you

Last updated: 26 Oct 2023, 14:42

Anne McCarvill is a member of Accenture Ireland’s leadership team. She spoke to gradireland about Accenture’s graduate programme and where it can take graduates. She also provided us with some important advice for graduates interested in the programme

Accenture’s Business and Technology Integration Programme could be the right fit for you

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

I’m Anne McCarvill. I’m a managing director at Accenture and I lead the Analyst Programme for our technology business. I’ve worked in technology for my entire career and have had the opportunity to travel all over the world to client sites, solving business problems with technology solutions.

What can graduates gain from Accenture's graduate programme?

Accenture is all about problem solving. We work with clients to solve their business problems using the latest technologies, including generative AI, modern engineering, data engineering and a host of other cutting edge technology solutions. Graduates will have the opportunity to work in varied roles to shape a career that they’ll love, whether that means helping clients understand – and solve – a critical business problem; developing code for critical client systems; building systems to generate insights into data or training users in new technologies – a career at Accenture is a life-long learning opportunity to develop skills and industry knowledge.

Can you tell us more about the Business and Technology Integration stream? What are graduates in this stream responsible for?

Graduates who join our Business and Technology Integration stream will work with clients to understand business problems, analyse what is needed and propose how we can solve for their challenge using technology. This could mean anything from working in our life sciences lab to integrating new software solutions at client sites. B&TI is one of our broadest streams in terms of the flexibility it offers.

What sort of graduate would this stream suit?

We have graduates from all backgrounds in Business and Technology Integration, but what they have in common is a passion for technology, an interest in people, and strong problem-solving skills. Where it differs from some of our other tech streams is that you don’t necessarily need to have coding or software development skills to get started.

What have the alumni of this stream gone on to do?

We see graduates from the Business and Technology Integration stream do all sorts of things. Some become business analysts and work with clients to define business problems, some work on projects as workstream leads, running teams. Some of our life sciences graduates who joined through B&TI now work in the ALE Lab in our global innovation centre at The Dock, where they brew beer as a substitute for the processes used in personalised medicine! Many become project managers and lead technology projects, so the variety is certainly part of the appeal.

Do you have any tips for graduates interested in this stream?

Be brave and embrace the unknown. The exciting thing about working in business and technology integration is that the opportunities are so varied across our clients. No two people have the same experience!

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