The importance of encouraging young voices in the nonprofit, charitable and social impact sector

Last updated: 9 May 2023, 09:15

Early career professionals are ambitious, keen to learn, with an array of new ideas. Despite this, senior employees can, oftentimes unknowingly, overshadow young professional’s voices. It is important to remember that graduates and young professionals are the future leaders within our organisations. Therefore, it is extremely important to encourage young voices in the nonprofit, charitable and social impact sector as they develop in their career.

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For Purpose Ireland's Social Impact Graduate Programme

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Here are some reasons why it is important to encourage graduates’ professional input:


Graduates and young professionals often arrive into organisations with a fresh perspective. Each generation holds new ideologies and progressive ideas on topics such as work-life balance, organisational structure and solutions to outdated problems. Furthermore, young professionals may have specific knowledge on new technologies or techniques that could benefit the entire organisation. By speaking up, they can share their knowledge and help the team grow.


Graduates and young professionals are often eager to learn and grow in their careers. By enabling them to ask questions, process new information and become involved in diverse projects, they can learn from more experienced team members and gain new skills. It is important to feed into young professional’s willingness to learn, both for their own autonomy, and for the benefit of your organisation.


Engaging in professional discussions early in their career can help young professionals build confidence. Moreover, developing confidence can help individuals take initiative on leading teams. We want our future leaders to be confident, assured, strong leaders. This encouragement should begin early in their career and be built upon regularly through learning, development and professional exposure.


Encouraging young professionals in your organisation could lead to greater interest in their role and a focus on career development within your organisation. Encourage these employees to consider their career progression, long-term goals and put plans in place to help achieve them. This includes offering new challenges and responsibilities.


At For Purpose, we strongly believe in encouraging our graduates to share new ideas within their roles and assume their own autonomy. Through learning seminars, mentoring and peer-led development, we provide our young professionals with the tools to succeed in their careers.

Oftentimes, young professional’s voices can get lost within an organisation.

We know how important it is to try and overcome this narrative. Therefore, we have advocated for our graduates to present at ‘The Wheel Summit’ on 23rd May to discuss ‘ Early Career Professionals: Unifying Ambition and Action’ .

This is a fantastic opportunity for their voices to be heard at Ireland’s largest nonprofit sector event. Click here to learn more. If your organisation is interested in adding graduate talent to your team, please contact our Head of For Purpose, Dr. Rhonda Wynne .

For Purpose Ireland's Social Impact Graduate Programme

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