A Newly Hired Graduate’s Perspective

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"My name is Jiddukrishnan Dinil and I graduated with a Masters of Biomedical Engineering from NUIG in 2020. I’m currently working as a Graduate Quality Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Ireland."

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What is your favourite part of the job?

"Being a Biomedical Engineering graduate, I applied for the Graduate Quality Engineer role with TCS and was thankfully accepted. After my Masters, I knew that I wanted to work towards making people’s lives better and by working in TCS I support businesses that serve people and communities by making a meaningful difference to them. There is always constant learning involved each day through completion of a new challenge or by solving a problem which at the end serves the people. This constant learning process as well the problem solving never make the work boring.

Another favourite part is the support that the TCS team provides while working from home. For me working from home as a result of Covid-19 didn’t create any negative impact on my work output as everything from TCS’s end was pretty seamless and with the help of training and tools provided by TCS I remain connected with my client and team on a daily basis."

Why did you choose TCS over other companies?

"There is 22+ medical device companies who are customers of TCS and out of which 9 of the top 10 medical device companies are included. Being part of TCS increases the opportunity to be a part of the projects of top medical device companies, also it serves as an opportunity to be a part of a large pool of medical device engineers and consultants working on projects ranging from ideation to product commercialization and supply chain management.

Apart from that, I learned before joining that TCS’s continuous success is due to a productive and efficient workforce which was built by providing extensive support and resources for continuous learning and also by constantly listening to the needs of the employees.

TCS also provides a safe space for the employees to discuss mental health issues which is highly important and relevant in these tough times. And also allows us to add new ideas to provide support to employees who are facing different struggles and difficulties in their day-to-day life.

TCS also offers competitive salary packages including pension, healthcare and life insurance as well as discounts within the larger TATA network."

What is the culture like in TCS?

"From my experience, TCS has created a unique ecosystem of diversity and inclusion where people of different cultural beliefs and ideas work together to produce customer-focused solutions Here in TCS individuals can be themselves and can be authentic about who they are and what they are. Also, the views and voice of employees are always heard and respected.

TCS believes that more diversity and more inclusive teams build a better work environment. Also, there is a zero-tolerance policy in TCS towards discrimination and harassment."

Did you face any challenges when transitioning from ‘college’ to ‘professional’ life?

"As this was my first full time job, I was constantly thinking about what it would be like to be the least experienced person working on a given project. But the openness to constantly learn and not being afraid to ask questions helped me to keep running in this new role as well as deliver what I have been asked to.

Also, I never experienced discrimination in the team based on experience or knowledge as the members of the team continuously provided constant support in completion of the work by sharing knowledge from what they have learned all these years."

What advice would you give to a student making an application to a similar role?

"Always keep in mind that the main purpose or mission of a medical device industry, or of people working in a medical device industry, is to make the lives of people better. That itself is a motivation to push yourself hard from the application stage. Also, identify your skills, be confident in that. Also make good use of the opportunities given by the NUIG career development centre.

My advice to students is always to be ready to learn, the more skills and abilities you develop, the more you are really ready to find solutions. Also, it’s important to recognise just how lucky you are to be in a medical device hub like Ireland."

What’s next for you?

"It’s hard to predict or understand what lies ahead in the next 5 years, but what I am focusing on now is learning and gaining as much exposure as I can in these first few years so that I have a good foundation of experience going forward."

To find out more information on graduate roles in TCS, please check out our gradireland profile here and our LinkedIn profile or please contact Jennifer Long, Recruiter for early talent at TCS Ireland - Jennifer.long@tcs.com


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