Sustainability at Jacobs with the PlanBeyond programme

18 Aug 2023, 10:37


Sustainability at Jacobs means ensuring long-term business resilience and success while positively contributing toward the economy, society and the environment.

Through our PlanBeyond programme, we are inspired to make a positive environmental, societal and economic difference for businesses, governments and communities around the world — from the way we operate our business, to the work we perform with clients and other organisations.

We advance innovations that improve energy efficiency, resilience, conservation, reuse and reclamation of vital air, land and water resources. In FY2018, we reduced carbon emissions by more than 37 million tons in Value+ Savings on client projects, equivalent to a full year’s energy use by 4 million homes. In addition, the former CH2M business exceeded its 5-year commitment to reduce operational greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, ultimately achieving a 29% reduction since 2012.

A sustainable future

Our greatest opportunity in creating a sustainable future is influencing the project work we are involved in, partnering with our clients as well as other leading organisations to ensure the work that we do is fit for the future and overall makes a positive environmental, societal and economic impact. To guide us in that ambition, we align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which set out 17 goals that are regarded as the common global strategic framework for sustainability for business, Government and society alike.

Commitment to sustainability

Our Global Sustainability Commitment Statement sets out our intent to integrate sustainability throughout our business by making it part of our culture. Our commitments are to:

  • Positively contribute to our global PlanBeyond goals that were developed in consultation with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Foster a culture of sustainability that promotes economic prosperity, environmental benefit and social value.
  • Continue a dialogue with all our stakeholders to raise awareness of sustainability and provide feedback on how we can do better.
  • Research and develop innovative methods and applications for enhanced sustainability performance.
  • Enable knowledge sharing and capacity-building around sustainability across our enterprise and all our projects.
  • Be accountable for delivering our strategy through the sustainability governance structure that reports up to our Board.

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