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Last updated: 28 Jul 2023, 10:43

It has long been assumed that audit and accountancy in general is a “boring” career to follow. Ask someone to describe an auditor and images of bespectacled people in dark windowless offices, relentlessly reviewing excel sheets tend to pepper the reply. While some of this is true (excel is an essential tool for any business) a career in auditing is anything but boring. Auditing is a fantastic place to learn and expand essential skills that are foundational to many businesses and institutions.


Audit is vital aspect of how the current global infrastructure works. Ensuring transparent financial reporting is taking place across all industries promotes confidence in the new global economy. A basic understanding of finance and business processes is fundamental in all business but no more so than Auditing. Working in auditing allows to expand on these skills, while utilising new technologies and tools that are part and parcel with the current global reach of companies.

Communication is a crucial skill to develop for all aspects of life and nowhere is this more important than in Auditing. Whether you are speaking with a client or working with colleagues as part as a team, clear communication is essential. Working in Auditing gives you ample opportunities to flex this skill on a daily basis.

Working in audit not only affords you the opportunity to meet interesting new people and to form lifelong relationships it also allows to travel to interesting locations across the globe. Whether you are sent “on site” to work or you decide to relocate, Audit is one of the unique occupations that international borders have little to no influence on your opportunities.

For these reasons and many more Auditing is a very attractive career for you to pursue. It provides you with many exciting opportunities not only in your professional career but also in your personal life as well. For more information on RBK and the Auditing Graduate opportunities we offer please visit .

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