Diversity, equality and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion at Allianz

30 Aug 2023, 16:11

In Allianz, diversity, equity and inclusion is a key strategic priority and is represented in many forms and at all levels. We continuously strive to keep diversity and inclusion at the top of our Board’s agenda and keeping it to the forefront of people’s minds.


Our apporach

Our approach to DE&I is built on 3 key pillars that guide our strategy

Our pillars

Our pillars and what each of them mean

We celebrate all aspects of Diversity & Inclusion. However, each year we focus on 2 main aspects of D&I in the hopes of creating real positive change in the wider community, as well as for our employees. This year, our primary focus is on Gender and disability and are proud finalists in the National D&I Awards categories of Advancing Gender Inclusion and Advancing Disability Inclusion.

Allianz pillars for Diversity and Inclusion

Our 2023 Gender Initiatives

Allianz is committed to gender equality, meaning equal opportunities for all genders.

As a founding signatory of the Women in Finance Charter we are committed to improve gender balance and inclusion in the workforce. By publicly committing to targets we demonstrate that equality is at the core of beliefs.

We are extremely proud of our partnership with Women’s Aid and we are taking a stance on an extremely prevalent issue in Irish society and one which, unfortunately, does not always get the attention it needs and deserves. Over the next three years, we will be supporting and working with Women’s Aid who are a leading charity working to stop domestic abuse against women and children in Ireland.

Internally, we are highly committed to gender equity. We believe gender should have no impact on opportunities, remuneration or advancement, and we strive for a balanced gender representation at all company levels.

Here in Allianz Ireland, we closed the Pay Gap in 2021 and together with employee representatives have all measures in place that it stays closed in future. This means there is no pay gap between women and men performing the same or similar work. It goes in line with our open and transparent reward system which is based on merit.

As a result, we received EDGE certification (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) in 2021 and are undertaking the recertification process in 2023. Thisinternational certification helps us to measure, monitor and understand our progress in gender equality.

Our 2023 disability initiatives

Allianz is a worldwide Olympic and Paralympic insurance partner. We also believe in a diverse and inclusive workforce and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We encourage our employees to bring their whole selves to work. One of our objectives is to widen access to mainstream employment for graduates with disabilities while supporting and building a more inclusive workplace.

We are proud to hold an established partnership with Ahead, an independent non-profit organisation working to create inclusive environments in education and employment for people with disabilities. Through the WAM (Willing Able Mentoring) programme we recruit graduates each year, providing them with an opportunity to gain practical work experience. The programme has proven to be an overwhelming success for our graduates and we currently have 9 employees working within the business who were hired through the programme. We have been awarded a WAM Leader Award for the last three consecutive years.

By working closely with some of our partners and groups like As I Am, Mental Health First Ireland and the Migraine Association of Ireland we want to shine a light on and increase understanding and empathy for those experiencing and living with visible and invisible disabilities.

We have also entered into a collaborative partnership with As I Am as part of their Communities in Practice. As part of our journey to become an autism and Neurodiverse friendly employer, we will be offering training workshops to our people leaders and employees and will undertake a sensory audit of our workplace.

We continuously strive to improve and be more inclusive and equitable by benchmarking ourselves against the best internally within the Allianz Group and externally. At every step we continue to review our ambition, and have set external benchmarks of achievement to validate our approach. We have recently been awarded Bronze Certification by the Irish Centre of Diversity, Ireland’s premier EDI mark and our aim is to secure Silver accreditation by 2024.

Diversity and Inclusion awards

Our work is backed up by industry recognised awards

In 2022, as part of our annual internal employee engagement survey, Allianz Ireland recorded a record high of 91% in our DE&I indices.

We recognise joining a new company can be difficult, irrespective of gender, disability, race. We hope through our various initiatives that we can build a more diverse workforce who share an understanding and commitment to DEI.

Diversity and Inclusion award
Diversity and inclusion award

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