Hannah Kenny Boyd, Fund Accountant, HedgeServ

Hero image for Hannah Kenny Boyd, Fund Accountant, HedgeServ

What does your job involve?

We’ve a lot of daily tasks throughout the week, so cash reconciliation is very important and that involves analysis and problem solving.

What skills are important?

I think time management is key, as is communication in terms of managing your workload and prioritising what you have to do or ask for assistance.

What student experiences have helped you?

I think being involved in college clubs and societies is a huge benefit; it can help demonstrate to employers that you can successfully balance study and other commitments. Fund accounting is very much team and project based with a lot of time pressure, so you need to be able to delegate and manage what’s going on.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I love working with numbers, there is a great deal of satisfaction in putting the hard work in and then solving a particularly complex reconciliation!

What was the path to your current job?

As a science graduate, there weren’t any particular roles available that appealed to me so I decided to pursue a career using my numerical skills, so it was a route that appealed to me.

What skills are important for first year students?

Try new things, sign up for societies and think about what the future will hold, without scaring yourself too much of course. It’s important to get the ball rolling in terms of what areas you do like and what career path that could lead you down.

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