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30 Aug 2023, 15:21

We know that taking the first steps to building a career after graduation can be different for everyone, this is why it so important that the recruitment process is not only designed to be as accessible and inclusive as possible but also creates a platform for employees to be themselves. Our recruitment process is designed to give you the best opportunity to succeed and our highly personalised selection process will do just that. Our aim is to get to know you beyond the information listed on a CV.

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Our Application Process

As a final year student or recent graduate, we recognise that you have many priorities to balance. We wanted to make our process as straightforward and accessible as possible, and remove the pressure of lengthy recruitment stages. The Allianz Graduate Programme selection process is broken into three rounds: application, phone screening, and final interview.


The applications for both programmes will open on Monday the 26th of August and close on Monday the 30th of October. As part of your application, you will be asked to submit an up-to-date copy of your CV, and answer some short questions.

At Allianz, we are committed to fairness and want to give every candidate the best chance to succeed. If any reasonable adjustments are needed for you to take part in the recruitment process, you can let us know on your application and we are happy to accommodate.

Phone Screening

Once applications close, we begin screening candidates and arranging 15-minute phone calls. This is an initial conversation to get to know you, your qualifications, your experiences and your interests. Be prepared to discuss why you are interested in Allianz and what you feel you can bring to the team.

Remember, this is a two-way conversation and we encourage you to use this time to ask us questions about the programme and Life at Allianz

  • Be prepared to discuss why you are interested in Allianz, what you feel you can bring to the team, and what do you hope to achieve through the programme
  • Relevant course work, internships, extra curriculars – highlight your character

In-person Interview

Our in-person interviews take place in January. This is 2.5 hour long assessment which includes an introduction with one of our executive managers, a competency based interview and a pre-prepared presentation. Each part of the assessment will have structured scoring matrix in place and include diverse interview panels to ensure a fair process for all candidates.

Throughout the day, we hope to highlight the pivotal role our graduates play in the work we do, and evaluate each candidates potential to thrive in the programme and contribution to Allianz’s long term goals. This this is a chance for you to showcase your communication skills and enthusiasm for the role.

Competency based interview

Our competency based interview is designed to give us insight into your skills, experiences and behaviours that align with our programme and company values. We are interested in understanding how you’ve approached situations in the past and expect questions that prompt you to share real life examples.

Pre -prepared Interview:

Prior to your interview you will be given a topic related to our industry. Your task is to create a concise presentation that highlights your understanding of the subject and your analysis. We will be assessing your research skills, critical thinking, delivery and creativity.

There will be time for follow up questions, so be prepared to discuss your ideas and approach.

Top tip – It’s important to remember our panels will be taking notes throughout the presentation so keep your slides focused and engaging!

Our advice

Our selection process is centred around your potential to excel within our graduate programme and contribute to Allianz’s growth. Our goal is not just to fill positions but identify the right people to join our team. With that in mind, we hope to get to know the real you, so try your best to authentic, confident, and enthusiastic about sharing your experiences.

Your CV is a really insightful snapshot into your experiences, interests and achievements which brings your whole character to life. We recommend spending some time on your CV before applying. Be sure to list any relevant experience, but also include extracurriculars such as volunteering, sports or other hobbies.

We hope to attract the best and brightest young minds to our programme, who can contribute fresh perspectives and energy to amazing work our teams do. When preparing for your presentation, try practicing at home and asking friends for feedback. We understand you may be nervous, however, our teams are keen to hear what you have to say and value truly value the effort of preparation. Try to relax, be yourself and enjoy it!

If you have any questions on the Allianz Graduate Programme, please feel free to contact

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