Paul McGarry, Senior Financial Services Auditor, Deloitte

25 Jan 2023, 13:37

Paul McGarry, Senior Financial Services Auditor, Deloitte

What are the main tasks you do each day?

My role is to delegate and organise tasks for my team members each day, I would also have a lot of interaction with our clients across a range of sectors. It's important to manage those relationships and deal with any issues that may arise. My other roles would involve reviewing files and work before they are submitted. Essentially I'm involved in the audit process from start to finish.

What traits do you need to be successful?

You need to be ambitious, hardworking and responsible. It's also important to use your own initiative, I say this people who work with me or for me, try and solve a problem on your own and if not, then look for help or assistance. It's also important to be able to work seamlessly as part of a team, as that's what's involved at all points of the audit process.

Why were you successful in the recruitment process?

I would say the reason I was successful in getting through my application process was because I took on part-time jobs during college in related areas that I thought would boost my skills. In college I got involved in clubs and societies and got experience giving presentations, anything that I thought would add to my CV. In terms of the application process, it's important that you give it the time that it requires and that you properly research the industry and the company to which you are applying.

What's the most important thing you have learned since you started your current job?

The most important skill is communication, being able to deal with different relationships; whether it's people working for you, people you're working for or clients. That's something that maybe you don't get enough experience of in college.

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