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Application Tips for the EY Graduate Programme

26 Jul 2023, 15:38

Whether you’d like help weighing up your options, building the skills employers want or putting your best into the application process, we’ve got you covered.

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We understand you’re busy. There are essays, exams, group work, nights out, and obligatory visits home on weekends. You don’t have the spare hours needed to fill out a lengthy application form, listing your every achievement from learning to walk to winning a scholarship. So we’ve redesigned our application form so you only give us the information we absolutely need. Once you’ve found the programme that suits you, click on the link below to APPLY. Here you will find our application form, where you can tell us all about yourself. There are no essay type questions you'll be glad to hear!

Minimum academic requirements:

You have a minimum of a 2:1 qualification or equivalent – attained or expected

Using a global system we are bound by some processes that we can’t change on our application form. However, once you complete the initial registration, you will be finished in less than 15 minutes.

Top Tips

Want to impress us throughout the application process? These are some of our top tips when applying to a graduate programme at EY. Above all, we’re impressed by candidates who are authentic and honest in their answers.

  • Update your CV and fully proof read it before you apply.
  • Study the EY Ireland Careers website as much as you can before you apply. In particular check out the undergraduate programme page, graduate programme page and of course our blogs section which will give you a real insight into life at EY.
  • Look at your skills and your career aspirations to figure out which service line and graduate programme suits you best. Want to become a Chartered Accountant? Focus on Assurance, Tax & Strategy and Transactions. You’ll need to make your preferred choice when applying!
  • Next up, the all-important 'Why EY?' question. This is your opportunity to really stand out. What attracted you to apply to EY? Tell us how you think EY’s different to our competitors. Be creative and think outside the box here. You could mention some of the types of clients we work with or the industries we work in, our Vision 2020 or even the professional qualifications you can work towards at EY.
  • So this will sound obvious but make sure to complete the application in full! We’ve seen many candidates start the application, save it as a draft and forget to actually submit it. They could be the strongest candidates but miss out because of an incomplete application.
  • As they say, the early bird catches the worm! We review as we go, so the sooner you get your application submitted, the sooner we can let you know if you’ve been successful and put forward to the interview stage.

Read more on the EY Careers page here!

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