#GradStories Julia Cullen, Management Consultant, KPMG Ireland

22 Jun 2023, 13:24

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What does a typical day look like for you?

In consulting the work is very diverse, it depends on the project you’re working on. I’m currently working on a global IT transformation programme. We’re helping our clients transition from one technology system to a new one. It involves running workshop sessions with them and discussing any changes that will be implemented in the new IT system.

I take actions and notes on any key decisions that are made as well as discussing any business benefits with the clients as they implement the changes in the new system.

What are the main skills you need to be successful in your role?

In consulting it is important to be proactive, have a curious mindset and be able to learn new things. You’re always trying to find new ways to deal with problems and find solutions.

Adaptability is also an important skill. No two clients are the same. As you move on to new projects you work with new people in new industries.

What was your career break?

I studied global business in Trinity college Dublin. In my third year of college I applied to do the summer internship at KPMG. I was very interested in doing consulting as I wasn’t sure what area I’d be interested in. The internship was great for meeting everyone and getting a sense of the culture at KPMG. I was very happy to then be offered a position on the graduate programme.

What advice would you have for a current student?

Getting to know what you like is important in college. You can do this through meeting new people, joining societies and clubs. It’s also a great way to develop soft skills doing things like presentations and working with new people.

What do you love about your job?

I like working in consulting because it gives you the opportunity to try out new areas all the time, meet new people, get new experiences and learn new skills. It’s interesting to learn from subject matter experts in different areas and learn about what they’re working on.

There is also plenty of opportunity for growth at KPMG so there’s a big emphasis on learning and development and everyone here is very accepting.

How have you adjusted to working from home?

When I started it was odd working from home but KPMG made a big effort to help us network and socialise through virtual catch ups.

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