TCS Actuarial Associate - Matthew Bourke

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What degree did you complete and why did you pick this sector to work in?

I studied Financial Mathematics and Economics in NUI Galway. I choose to pursue a career in actuary after I had completed several modules in the field of Actuarial Science and felt like they were more enjoyable than other areas of mathematics I had studied at that point.

Why did you choose to work for TCS?

TCS was one of the few companies that offered positions outside of the major cities in Ireland. This to me was very attractive as coming out of University I didn’t want to see a large portion of my wages go towards rent and other living expenses. TCS also offered an excellent study package which will help me in progressing through the actuary exams. The sheer magnitude of TCS was also a major factor in my application to the graduate role, with it being so industrial diverse it would allow graduates to develop their own preferred skill sets, while developing new skills which in turn could allow for lateral movements in the company with ease.

What do you love about your job?

My role in TSC is an actuarial consultant, this allows me to work with other companies outside of the Tata umbrella, giving me essential exposure to the actuarial industry at an early stage of my career. My work is based around pension pricing. The team I am supporting is made up of highly experienced actuaries. Coming from a mathematics background this has helped me develop my actuarial skills immensely.

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