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Construction, civil engineering and QS careers for graduates: building services engineering.

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Building services engineers ensure that the buildings we live and work in are comfortable, safe and energy efficient. They do this by designing building services systems and supervising their installation and operation.

Typically 30–40 per cent of the total construction costs in commercial and industrial buildings are associated with the provision of services such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, power, data communications, public health systems and lifts. The work involves advising clients and architects; designing suitable systems (using computer-aided design) and supervising their installation; and liaising with structural engineers, construction managers, builders and surveyors.

Building services engineers are employed by consultancies, contractors, local authorities, the public health and healthcare sector, universities and the manufacturing industry.

Further information

The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers ( in the Republic of Ireland, in the UK)

Engineers Ireland .

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