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Lead the island’s electricity sector on sustainability and decarbonisation

16 Feb 2023, 18:24

Our task is to deliver a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity – now, and in the future. The EirGrid Group achieves this goal using a family of organisations - EirGrid, SONI and SEMO.

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Energy transition

Electricity from renewable sources will play a vital role in the response to the climate crisis. Demand for power will grow as heating and transport switch to electricity. This change cannot happen unless the power system is transformed. From one based on burning fossil fuels, to one able to perform reliably with close to 100% renewable energy on the grid.

EirGrid Group has the expertise needed to deliver a low-carbon, cost-effective power system. That is why we are making a commitment to take real responsibility for many elements of this energy transition.

Renewable targets

In Ireland, the Climate Action Plan 2019 states that 70% of electricity will be generated from renewable sources by 2030. In the UK, the government is pursuing net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

We can currently operate the grid with up to 65% of renewable power. By 2030, this must increase to 95%.

To do this we must:

  • operate the system in a more dynamic and responsive way.
  • make the grid stronger and more flexible.
  • use innovative solutions and proven technologies.
  • minimise the addition of new infrastructure.
  • maintain the reliability of the electricity system.

Interconnection is key

Interconnection makes the system more resilient and efficient by connecting to neighbouring grids. This added strength will become increasingly important as renewable forms of generation grow. System interconnection - such as the proposed new North South, Celtic and Greenlink Interconnectors - is a key part of this primary goal.

Visible and trusted leadership

We cannot achieve this goal without public, political and regulatory support. It is essential that we:

  • continue to be recognised experts in accommodating renewable energy on the grid.
  • continue to be a trusted source of information and advice by those who set the energy agenda.
  • build on and leverage our expertise, both at local and EU level, to influence policy and support for our work.

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To read more about our strategy on sustainability, click the link below.

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