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Degree subject BSc in Computing, National College of Ireland (2014)
Job title Client services
Employer ESB

Why a career in the IT sector?

I always had an interest in IT, I kept up
to date with tech news and any new
gadgets or devices that were on the
market. My family had a strong
background in computing and also
engineering so it was something I was
constantly involved in and exposed to
while growing up.

What’s exciting about your job?

I find that meeting new people and
getting the chance to be involved in
so many different projects, which
involve new and exciting
technologies, is the most exciting
thing about my job. ESB is such a
diverse, innovative company that
there is always something new to get
involved in. There is also a great
culture within the company which
encouraged me to get involved in
some great initiatives like
volunteering in local schools and to
take part in the recruitment drive of
new graduates.

How did your degree contribute to
you working with ESB?

My degree in Computing covered a
wide range of subjects over the four
years, including programming,
networking, mobile development and
much more. This allowed me to gain
invaluable knowledge and skills which
I could apply to many different projects
and initiatives within ESB. When
completing my degree some key skills I
gained which still stand to me now are
the ability to apply and immerse
myself in projects as well as team tasks
and also being involved in different
clubs and societies in college was of
great benefit. The selection process for
the IT Graduate Programme began
with a submission online, an online
aptitude test and was followed by a
face to face interview which included a
case study.

What does your role involve, and what
has been one of the biggest

I joined the three year IT Graduation
Programme in 2014. My current role is
business engagement in the Client
Services business area. On a daily basis,
I liaise with customers to ensure that
they are utilising all the collaboration
tools we offer and to also support them
with any technical assistance they may
need. I am involved in signing-off and
transitioning products and working
with support teams. One of the biggest
challenges I have found personally so
far is when coming from a college
setting to a corporate environment,
there is a lot to learn which is exciting
but you must remember that it will
take time and patience to pick up skills
and knowledge along the way, which
makes your graduate journey all the
more exciting! This taught me that if
you are willing to immerse yourself in
your work and be open to learning new
things, many doors will open for you as
your time in the company progresses.

What advice would you have for
students and graduates?

My advice for students and graduates
looking to follow a career in IT is to
make sure you are passionate about
what you do and be open minded. Get
involved as much as you can ie
teamwork is a key factor in IT,
essentially you are involved in
connecting people, and being a team
player will ensure you stand out. IT is a
fast changing sector, which means
there is always an element of learning,
so keeping up to date with changing
technologies is also a benefit.

How do you hope to see your career

Over the next few years I hope to
continue my learning and building on
my knowledge within the many
different areas of IT. Enhancing my
skillset and being involved in as many
different projects as possible, and
then hopefully to further my career
profile within the company.

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