Arts agent/promoter

An arts agent operates and fronts the marketing and selling of an artist to enhance their career.

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Arts agents/promoters work to create and maintain contacts, for example gaining media coverage and exhibitions in galleries, to promote an artist and their work. Arts agents have strong interpersonal skills: they establish close working relationships with their artists to understand their needs and must negotiate with other agents, gallery managers and media representatives.

Work activities

  • Dealing with queries regarding clients.
  • Negotiating contracts with agents and gallery managers.
  • Contacting and meeting with journal, newspaper and gallery representatives to gain publicity.
  • General administration tasks.

Work conditions

Travel: may be necessary to attend meetings and exhibitions.
Working hours: can be irregular with the possibility of working weekends.
Location: usually in large cities.

Entry requirements

An art-related degree may be useful. Qualifications in business management are recommended. Networking to establish a range of reputable contacts is key to a successful arts agency.

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