Environmental consultant

An environmental consultant provides advice on environmental factors to their commercial clients.

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Environmental consultants advise on such areas as pollution, contaminated land and environmental policy. The role can involve fieldwork, conducting tests and surveys, collating and presenting environmental data and auditing processes for efficiency and environmental impact. Environmental consultants usually work in small teams.

Work activities

  • Conducting fieldwork.
  • Interpreting data from fieldwork and surveys to assess pollution levels and suitability for use.
  • Preparing reports for companies, environmental agencies and government bodies.
  • Dealing with legislation issues concerning the environment for clients.

Work conditions

Travel: can be necessary when visiting sites.
Working hours: can involve working extra hours and weekends.
Location: in most manufacturing towns and cities.

Entry requirements

Primary degree subjects such as environmental and earth sciences, environmental engineering, geography, geophysics or chemistry open up opportunities in environmental consultancy. Postgraduate degrees are increasingly required as specialisation in particular fields is advantageous.

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