Environmental education officer

An environmental education officer is responsible for promoting environmental conservation and sustainable development via a variety of means including education, marketing and publicity.

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Environmental education officers work within communities to inform and promote environmental awareness with talks, presentations, guided walks and workshops. They are employed by charities, The National Trust for Ireland, local authorities, wildlife trusts or conservation groups, and may work on specific projects, such as Green-Schools in Ireland .

Work activities

Delivering talks and presentations in schools and community centres.

  • Preparing and distributing publicity materials.
  • Managing budgets and allocating funding for projects.
  • Liaising with schools, businesses, community groups and other local organisations.
  • Generating income via fundraising activities.

Work conditions

Travel: is a regular feature. Talks, presentations and meetings mostly take place out of the office.
Working hours: can be flexible or part-time.
Location: can vary depending on if projects are based in urban/rural areas.

Entry requirements

Graduates in education, agricultural science, horticulture, geography, community studies, countryside management, biology, zoology or environmental sciences can enter into environmental education. Work experience is generally required.

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