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Technical sales

25 Jan 2023, 13:37

Sells technical products to customers.

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Job description

Technical sales personnel specialise in scientific and technologically advanced products and services. The role requires strong knowledge of technical and scientific products, including the functions and components that enable the products to work. Technical sales personnel promote and sell the product by demonstrating how it works along with the benefits it can offer potential customers.

Work activities

  • Sourcing potential new customers and maintaining regular contact with existing customers
  • Travelling to demonstrate products and educating potential customers about the functions of the product
  • Fully understanding customer’s needs and requirements
  • Providing advice about the advantages of particular software, services, equipment or products
  • Persuading potential customers to purchase products, leading price negotiations and closing sales
  • Advising customers of updates and new technologies
  • Being familiar with competitors' activities and products
  • Putting together proposals and tender documents
  • Travelling to and attending meetings
  • Meeting sales and commission targets.

Work conditions

Travel: a lot of travel (which can be international) comes with the job.
Working hours: travel requirements can mean early starts and late finishes.

Career development

Junior technical sales is often a starting point for graduates in this area. Initially it can be stressful as it is often very target driven. With experience, people will generally move up the career ladder. Depending on your interests and opportunities, the role can become more specialised and complex, focusing on areas such as customer support, sales management or training.

Specific degree subjects required

IT/computer science.

Other relevant degree subjects


Postgraduate study

This job is suitable for IT graduates with a postgraduate qualification in marketing or alternatively for graduates with a business/marketing degree and an add-on IT qualification. However, these routes are not compulsory.

Skills and qualities

  • Communication skills; ability to develop a good rapport with others.
  • Ability to deal with pressure (the work is target-led).

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