Web Content Manager

A web content manager is responsible for the information that appears on a company's website.

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In a digital age the role of a web content manager has never been more vital, and it is constantly evolving.

Work activities

A web content manager works closely with project teams, editors, developers and designers to coordinate the site content and make sure it caters to the needs of the target audience.

You will manage and create a range of content that is accessible to a wide variety of users from all across your website. On smaller sites you will have to produce copy for yourself but on larger websites owned by big multinationals you will be a co-ordinator and effectively act as a project manager.

You'll be an expert in your organisation's content management system (CMS) and will produce user guides and deliver training, as well as work with the CMS developers and internal IT staff to ensure the system has been configured to meet the needs of the organisation.

Web content managers also organise user testing and market research projects to ensure that the website's content is suitable for the audience.

Entry requirements

You do not a specific degree to enter this field as there are a myriad of ways to start your path for this particular career. You can get in with a background in journalism, marketing or IT, or you might move into the role after gaining experience in another area of a business.

You will need experience of writing whether that be for online mediums, hard copy or both. Potential employers will look for evidence of you work so it's important to keep copies of the work you have done either by creating copies online or by keeping hold of hard copies.

You could take a course to learn some of the skills needed for producing web content. Relevant subjects include journalism, publishing, media, and communications, PR and marketing. Contact your local colleges for course details and entry requirements.

You don't need specific IT skills for a management position, although knowledge of web design, desktop publishing and photo editing would broaden your options, as many jobs combine management with writing or web design.

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