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Tax is a dynamic and fast-paced career. The tax implications of transactions must always be considered. Tax advisers are at the heart of the decision-making process, finding the best tax solutions to deal with commercial and personal circumstances.

The career of a tax adviser is exciting and ever-changing. Combining analysis and interpretation of tax law with excellent communication skills and business acumen, tax advisers bring logic and problem-solving to bear whether they are advising a major multinational, an Irish-owned family business or a private individual.

Tax advisers can find themselves working in many environments, not only in professional services firms and legal firms but also throughout the corporate and public sector.

Who would it suit?

It is not necessary to come from business or legal disciplines, but those who have may benefit from exemptions from certain exams. In addition, engineers, scientists and arts graduates have become highly successful tax advisers.

Types of employer

  • Accounting firms

  • Tax consultancy practices

  • Legal firms

  • Financial services sector

  • Public sector (revenue, policy bodies)

How to get hired

It is not necessary to have a training contract to become a tax adviser, however many secure tax training contracts in professional services firms whilst pursuing their professional tax qualification. Most employers recruit through online application forms and competency-based interviews.

The larger firms recruit through summer internships (applications closing in February) and the milkround (applications closing in October). Other employers recruit all year round.

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