Join Lara for a day in her life as an Intern at BNY Mellon

Hello. I’m Lara Kaccoufa working as a sophomore intern in London with the Newton Investment Management multi asset team.


Lara Kaccoufa

Sophomore Intern

BNY Mellon

I chose this internship as it gave me the opportunity to gain experience in a line of business that I am interested in and because after prior experience dealing with BNY, I noticed that it is one of the firms that takes diversity and inclusion seriously, especially regarding encouraging more women in the industry.

A typical day as an intern would go as follows: getting a morning coffee and keeping up to date with my emails and Bloomberg news, attending the morning meeting and hearing updates from the whole investment team, working on my various projects and speaking with people in my team, afternoon meetings, then hitting the gym at the end of the day. Of course, there is the occasional EBRG event or social event to attend if time allows. The projects given to me have been great as they have allowed me to understand all the aspects of investment management- from the stock selection side to the commercial side. I have particularly enjoyed advancing my fundamental analysis and learning new skills such as R to create more sophisticated models. It’s also interesting to learn how each person in the investment team would approach a task (such as a company analysis) uniquely. We have also received training on different subjects such as credit analysis, Bloomberg and leadership that have been useful and will certainly be applicable in the future.

It does feel like the company is investing in us. Overall, I would say that this is a great place to work. I have had a variety of internships in the past though working in this line of business at this company, has shown me that a career in investing is what I want. I think that’s a good thing to get out of a work experience. I can’t fault the support network either- everyone is always willing to share their time and expertise

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