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Sustainability at Sisk brings together: Society - our people, Environment - our planet and Economy - our performance. Our ambition is to lead the industry with the sustainable management of our operations throughout their entire life cycle, whilst upholding our core values of Care, Integrity and Excellence that delivers for our people and our planet. Looking forward to the next ten years our Roadmap will be augmented by five key themes.


Sisk is committed to being a leader, to being part of the solution for a better, healthier, and more equitable future

Our 2030 Roadmap outlines an ambitious set of targets and actions, aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Tackling climate change and air pollution

Driving energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint as we work towards carbon neutrality and better air quality.

  • We will reduce our carbon intensity by 25% from our 2019 baseline by 2023
  • We will reduce our carbon intensity by 50% from our 2019 baseline by 2026
  • We will achieve a CDP A rating for Climate Change by 2022
  • We will achieve carbon neutral status in 2021 by offsetting the emissions from our operations through internationally accredited carbon reduction scheme
  • We will achieve carbon neutral status by 2030
  • By 2024 50% of the vehicles in our fleet will be electric
  • We will eliminate internal combustion engine powered vehicles from our company car fleet by 2030

Caring for the environment

Steering the sustainable management and use of natural resources whilst contributing to the circular economy to drive environmental improvement.

  • We will plant 1.7 million trees as native woodland in Ireland, the UK and wider Europe by 2029
  • We will establish sustainable partnerships supporting the successful restoration of peat bogs
  • We will reduce our potable water use intensity by 50% when measured against our 2019 baseline, by 2025
  • We will reduce our waste intensity by 50% when measured against our 2019 baseline, by 2025
  • All operations will be undertaken with Zero Avoidable waste by 2021
  • We will eliminate the use of single plastics in all our operations by 2023
  • We will successfully embed circular economy principles into strategic business planning by 2023

Enhancing communities

Generating lasting, positive impacts for the communities where we work and the people we work with.

  • We will achieve an independently assessed health and safety maturity of ‘Calculative’ by 2023
  • We will achieve an independently assessed health and safety maturity of ‘Proactive’ by 2025
  • We will increase our added Social Return on Investment by 5% year on year against our 2019

Leading on responsible business practices

Engaging and collaborating with a supply chain with shared values and creating a sustainable legacy across our industry.

  • We will successfully embed the ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement principles into our way of working by 2022
  • We will achieve the Irish Centre for Diversity Investors in Diversity Gold standard by 2023

Embracing innovation and digital technology

Supporting, developing, and promoting sustainable design and construction solutions through efficient business practices.

  • By 2021 we will have successfully transitioned from our BIM Level 2 certification to be being certified as ‘BIM Ready’ against the requirements of ISO 19650
  • By 2025 we will have 10 Data Apprentices working in ‘earn and learn’ positions

Collaborating with a host of Industry bodies

  • Considerate Constructors Scheme
  • The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)
  • Supply Chain Sustainability School
  • Irish Green Building Council (IGBC)
  • UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) Gold Member
  • Chambers Ireland
  • American Chamber of Commerce, Ireland
  • Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC)
  • Achilles Carbon Reduce Programme
  • CDP Climate Change
  • EcoVadis

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