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Top Reasons to Work in Tax

25 Jan 2023, 13:33

Tax is at the centre of all transactions – it drives how decisions are made, no matter how big or small. There are endless possibilities with a career in tax as a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA).

Irish Tax Institute

Intellectually Rewarding

Tax is more than just number crunching!

The tax landscape is always evolving. Clients’ needs are constantly changing. This means you’ll continue to expand your knowledge and develop your skills to stay one step ahead. You will apply your new knowledge and skills directly to your day-to-day role.

Strong Employment Prospects

Tax advisers are highly sought after in times of growth and in times of uncertainty

The tax profession is respected, and tax advisers are highly sought after by businesses in Ireland, both in times of growth and when the economy is performing poorly. It is a career that offers competitive salaries and has high job security. Due to the global opportunities and the mutual recognition of the CTA qualification, there are also opportunities to work abroad.

Exciting Global Opportunities

See the World

Tax is an international career that allows you to see the world. Many of our graduates are offered the opportunity, through their firms and employers, to work in exciting cities across the world.

We have members based in international cities including New York, London, Sydney, Dubai, Toronto, Hong Kong. This can be for a permanent role or an international secondment.

Great Career Progression

Move forward as your knowledge and skills grow

Standing still is not an option. Tax is a career that rewards your ambition. It allows you the opportunity to shine from the start. As your knowledge and skills grow, doors will open for you to progress in your career. There are no barriers to how quickly you can get to the top if you have the determination and ambition.

Visit the Find a Job Section to see current tax vacancies.

Diverse and Challenging Work

Stay engaged with the depth and breadth of tax

If you’ve always thrived on knowledge and new ways of thinking, then the depth and breadth of tax will keep you engaged and drive you forward. You will be working on a range of interesting projects that will constantly engage your technical and professional skills. You can work on projects in a range of different industries with clients both big and small.

Hear about the diverse work from the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) profiles .

Large Irish and International Network

Be part of a 32,000 strong CTA network

There are over 5,000 Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) in Ireland. You will have many opportunities to connect and work with them throughout your career. Our members are also part of the international CTA network which has more than 32,000 members including in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa.

Ever-Evolving Career

Adapt with the tax landscape

Tax evolves quickly to the world around us – digitalisation, globalisation and more. You will work in a busy and dynamic environment which meets challenges head on and embraces changes to how they work.

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