Eimear Power, Group Accountant, ESB

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What does your job involve?

I work in a team of 8 people; we’re responsible for the monthly company results and prepare board reports for management. We also look at yearly and half yearly group financial statements, so it’s a busy and vibrant role.

How does your job influence business decisions?

From an accounting point of view, we would view the department as a centre of excellence within ESB, so we would be able to advise other business units within ESB of the financial implications of decisions or processes.

What skills make you successful?

Obviously you need a good foundation in accounting; you also need the soft skills like communications, from team members to different business units to management, to whom you might be presenting reports and accounts. You do need good analytical abilities and problem solving skills too, to be able to identify solutions and present them clearly to your manager.

What’s the best thing about your job?

In the group accounting role, you get to see what’s happening throughout the business, so you can develop a very strong understanding of how the ESB group is performing as a whole.

Do you have any advice for students?

Project work and teamwork at college can provide you with a good foundation in terms of communications and working with others. Volunteer and get involved and it will stand to you in the future.

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