Joseph Neiland, Audit Trainee, KPMG

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How have you settled into your job?

The great thing about this role as a graduate trainee is that you get exposure into a variety of different industries, such as pharmaceutical, finance or aviation for example. So it makes the work varied and interesting. I did an internship with KPMG and I got the opportunity to go to the USA on the global internship programme, where we had a week's training in the firm's New York offices and then we had a three week placement with KPMG in Washington D.C.

What traits do you need to be successful?

Teamworking skills are very important and interpersonal skills go a long way, whether with team members or clients and building a rapport makes the job easier to do and a lot more enjoyable. Organisational skills are also very important and as you develop your career leadership skills will obviously be required in order to manage a team.

Do you have any advice for students?

Try and develop your IT skills as much as you can, you will get training but any skills you can bring to the workplace will definitely stand to you.

What's the most important thing you've learned since you started?

As an Auditor you need to do the ACCA exams, so you striking a balance between study and work can initially be challenging but as you progress you get used to it. KPMG give us ten weeks of study leave before exams so that definitely helps.

What's the best thing about your job?

You get exposure to so many different industries, there is great variety and there are opportunities to work and travel. After your three year training contract, if you decide that this area is not for you, the work will still have provided you with a range of skills that are easily transferrable to other jobs.

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