Rising Star: Conor Walsh, Tax Assistant, Deloitte

Last updated: 25 Jan 2023, 13:36

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Degree subject Bachelor of Science (BSc), Business and Management (UCD), Masters of Accounting, Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School
Job title Tax Assistant
Employer Deloitte

How did you become interested in a
career with Deloitte?

The prospect of developing an
international client portfolio, learning
from experts and collaborating on
diverse projects with some of the
world’s best-known brand names
influenced my decision to pursue a
career with Deloitte. The deciding
factor was our well-renowned and
unrivalled people culture which makes
this a fantastic place to work.

How did your degree contribute to you
getting a place on the programme?

While it is not necessary to come from a
business or legal discipline, my own
background is of a business and
accounting nature. I joined the firm
following the completion of the master
of Accounting degree from UCD, which
Deloitte had sponsored me for. The
selection process which determined my
eligibility to undertake the programme
was based on my undergraduate degree
results. Having completed my third level
studies, I obtained numerous
exemptions from the examinations
required to become a Chartered
Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser.

What does your daily role involve, and
what’s been one of the biggest
challenges so far?

It is a cliché but there have been no
two days alike since joining Deloitte. I
have been afforded a truly diverse and
exceptional experience which has
included accompanying a Partner to
the High Court and the Supreme Court
on numerous occasions. I am also a
member of our tax innovation team
which pursues improvement in service
quality and delivery through
innovation. within the first few
months of joining the firm, I was
selected as one of Deloitte Ireland’s
representatives at a data analytics’
conference in Belgium. The biggest
challenge which faces graduates
throughout their training contract is
ensuring that they successfully
complete the professional
examinations. The exam support
available within Deloitte coupled with
the generous paid study leave helps to
overcome that challenge. During my
time here, I have completed all
examinations at the first sitting to
become a Chartered Accountant and
Chartered Tax Adviser.

What’s exciting about your job?

I have been constantly involved in
exciting projects but one particular
experience is most memorable;
accompanying a senior partner to the
Supreme Court on a case was a great
opportunity, from which I learned a lot.

What advice would you have for
students and how do you hope to see
your career developing?

My advice would be to concentrate on
excelling in their university exams and
to develop their people skills as best
they can. The global opportunities are
great here. In fact, two of our most
recently appointed Tax Partners
previously led our Irish tax desk in New
York before returning to Ireland.
Another reminder of the global
opportunities offered by Deloitte are
the Snapchats I frequently receive from
one of my colleagues who is currently
seconded to our San Francisco offices!
while the prospect of working abroad
is enticing, the opportunity to continue
working alongside, and to be mentored
by, one of the world’s leading advisers
is a very valuable opportunity which
I’m determined to take advantage of.

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