Your degree in nursing

Job opportunities for nursing graduates.

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Careers for nursing graduates

Jobs directly related to your course

  • Adult nurse
  • Mental health nurse
  • Children's nurse
  • Learning disability nurse.

After initial experience, graduates could expect to move into management via a clinical pathway, eg consultant nurse, senior sister or nurse specialist/practitioner.

Jobs where your degree would be useful

The high quality of interpersonal skills gained through their degree course make nurses eligible for a range of people-related careers. The main ones are:

  • Police officer
  • Social worker
  • Welfare rights adviser
  • Community worker
  • Further education lecturer/Higher education lecturer.

Employability skills gained from a nursing degree

Many employers will be more interested in your personal skills and abilities than your degree subject. Apart from the professional and technical skills you have automatically gained from a vocational degree such as yours, you will have gained communication skills (both written and oral), analytical and problem-solving skills as well as caring skills. You will have used all these in a wide variety of care settings with people of all age groups, cultures and ethnic origin. As a result you can demonstrate adaptability and flexibility. Whatever job you decide to enter, you will need to provide evidence of these transferable skills, whether or not your degree content is relevant.

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