Ian Robinson, Property Planner, Sherry Fitzgerald

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What does your job involve?

My day to day job involves inspecting and evaluating residential properties for sale, drafting the marketing brochure, dealing with clients, drawing up floorplans, so it’s a very varied role. I work across the south side of the city, so there is a wide variety of properties that we’re dealing with and I get to meet a lot of different people, and every day truly is different.

What is the most important trait for your job?

It’s so important to be confident, you could be evaluating a property with a negotiator, with a manager or on your own. It could be a property worth €200,000 or it could be well over €1 million and more. You need to be confident and honest and deal with questions openly and directly. If you need more information to provide the correct answer, don’t be afraid to say that and call them back later in the day when you have the right information. A big part of the job is how you connect with the clients.

What was your path to your current role?

I suppose property was always in the family. My grandmother had property and we used to help her collect the rent. I studied history and geography in UCD and while studying I started working in television production with TV3, so this job is a total change. It was an opportunity that arose after I graduated, so I was comfortable dealing with people and it was a new challenge. I started in a client services role, a team based position which was a fantastic introduction to the sector. I then progressed to my current position as a Property Planner, a position I’m thoroughly enjoying working in.

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