Graduate careers advice: you and your graphic design degree

A graphic design degree will prepare you for a range of career options, from setting up your studio to working for a design consultancy.

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Graduate careers advice on what you can do with your graphic design degree.

Related jobs include:

Work experience

It’s rare for graphic design graduates to acquire work solely form their final degree shows. A more common way of finding work and gaining experience is through an internship. Design agencies will recommend those interns who impressed them, and may contact you if opportunities arise.

Your course may give you the opportunity to work on projects with leading businesses and organisations. You may have a chance to take a work placement or work in another country as part of the Erasmus+ programme.

Promote yourself and build contacts by entering competitions and exhibitions. If you can’t find paid work experience, volunteer to work on local projects.

More information on work experience can be found here .

What sectors?

The private sector consists of businesses like design consultancies and branding specialists. You may work in a team that specialises in advertising design, which includes event branding and corporate communication.

Opportunities also exist with advertising and PR agencies. There you would be required to create positive images of organisations, deliver sales generating solutions, and increase business interest.

Graphic design graduates can also find employment with publishers, many of which have moved into online and interactive products. Your role would see you involved in the design, production and marketing of books, newspapers and magazines.

Public sector employers include schools, colleges, museums, hospitals and local authorities.

You may choose to set up your own studio or work as part of a studio collective.

Your graphic design CV

The skills you will acquire during your course include:

  • creativity;
  • design;
  • time management;
  • teamwork;
  • research;
  • initiative;
  • entrepreneurship;
  • analytical skills;
  • IT skills.

Postgraduate study

A Masters will help you to develop your knowledge of a specific subject or to transfer to a related area like interior design, multimedia and landscape architecture. Some Masters will give you the opportunity to work with other creatives like filmmakers or fine artists. It will also allow you to enhance your portfolio and build contacts.

You may also decide to take a short course to develop your skills with a particular IT package.

More information can be found in our Further Study section.

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