CV checklist

There are different ways of presenting the information on your CV, but it should always include certain key information.

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Personal details

A CV should contain a factual summary of personal details. Only use contact details where correspondence will reach you promptly. You can add your LinkedIn profile if it is current and matches your CV.

A career aim

Can be useful to include when you wish to highlight your personal suitability for a targeted job/sector. This can also give some insights into your personality and whay you would make a good fit for the role.

Educational qualifications

Are usually presented in reverse chronological order.

Work experience

When presenting work experience use positive words that demonstrate what you gained in the workplace.

Additional information on suitability for the job

Use a CV to reveal why you want the job, the breadth and depth of your skills, interests, experience and achievements but REMEMBER, do not let it exceed two pages.


Include names of referees and contact details (consult referees before nominating).

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