Green ICT & Green Building Technology

Opportunities exist for computing and engineering graduates in software development for green building and green transport.

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These might include
energy efficient microprocessors,
efficient batteries, controllers and
sensors for ‘smart’ products, energy
efficient servers and PCs, smart grids
and solar cells.

As systems become more complex
and intelligent, graduates will be
required to work on projects
combining the technologies of ICT,
biotechnology, nanotechnology and
the cognitive sciences.

A recent Forfás
report on skills shortages in this area
highlighted the need for graduates
with specialist expertise in business
analysis, engineering (particularly
electrical, electronic, design,
manufacturing and mechanical),
mathematics and statistics.

Graduates will also find roles in
designing, manufacturing, using, and
the sustainable disposal of
computers, servers, monitors, printers,
storage devices, and networking and
communications systems. Graduate
skills are required in the continual
drive to make computers as energy efficient
as possible, and designing
algorithms and systems for efficiency related
computer technologies. Many
IT departments have green computing
initiatives focused on reducing the
environmental impact of their IT

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