Julie Molloy, Manufacturing Engineer, Boston Scientific

Last updated: 22 Jun 2023, 13:18

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Job Manufacturing Engineer
Employer Boston Scientific
Education BE Mechanical, Aeronautical & Biomedical from University of Limerick (2012)

I chose the Boston Scientific Cork Graduate Development Programme as I had previously worked in the company for eight months as part of my undergraduate degree and had a good experience during my time there.

I found the progression from student to working life quite smooth, as the workload in my final year of college and my involvement in group projects prepared me for the Graduate Programme. It did take some adjustment to settle into the nine to five routine but if you have a good work ethic it will definitely stand to you.

The Graduate program offers various rotations; my programme involves three rotations - in Engineering, Quality and Operations, which really gives you a good all-round experience. My first rotation was in Quality, which taught me about the importance of attention to detail and gave me the opportunity to utilise my decision making skills. At the moment I am coming to the end of my second rotation in Engineering, where I am involved in a number of interesting projects, requiring a hands-on approach. Being able to choose which projects I get involved in, and being expected and trusted to make decisions is a fantastic learning experience.


My advice to graduates is to understand how lucky they are to be in any position where you have a network of experienced and knowledgeable colleagues who are there to guide and develop you. You will have a chance to get some face time with key stakeholders and decision makers and you need to take advantage of this. Networking and building relationships with people across all functions is key to raising your profile and getting noticed for your work. Get involved in site-wide projects , here we have our employee engagement “Light-it-Up”project, or take the opportunity to get involved with the vast volunteering network here, which helps develop you as a person as well as professionally. Making time to socialise with colleagues is also a great way to network.

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