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22 Jun 2023, 13:21

Graduates landing jobs with employers in the IT sector can expect, on average, to earn just under €30k in their first graduate job, according to gradireland research. Technology is an area with strong earning potential but remember to focus on the right job and developing your skills first.


According to gradireland’s Graduate Salary & Graduate Recruitment Trends Survey, the technology sector accounts for 19% of available graduate jobs, the joint highest proportion of any sector surveyed. Like last year, the sector is performing well in terms of pay, with the mean starting salary for a graduate in a technology role coming in at €31,701

Should I negotiate?

We would advise that you consider what any job has to offer aside from just salary, but obviously what you get paid is something which you will have to seriously consider. While there isn’t normally room to negotiate a higher salary at entry level, some IT companies do have salary ranges, and will place you within these depending on your academic qualifications, previous experience and performance in the selection process. As such, it’s important that you research and find out exactly what level of experience and education will land you the starting salary you deserve.

Do postgrads earn more?

Some IT employers may place their graduates on a higher starting salary if they possess a masters degree or PhD. A postgraduate degree is one factor that could contribute to a higher starting salary.

Future earnings

The average salary for an experienced IT professional varies greatly depending on whether they are in support or development, or are a contractor. Personal motivation and how willing you are to push yourself will ultimately determine how much you can earn.

At the highest end, according to market data, a Chief Technical Officer earns an average of €90,000 – €160,000 in Dublin, with a nationwide average of €85,000 – €120,000. For an IT Manager it’s €75,000 – €90,000 in Dublin, €70,000 – €80,000 nationwide.

Skills-based pay

According to research conducted by gradireland in 2109, the mean starting salary for a graduate in the IT and Technology sector is €31,701.

According to a 2017 report, the average salary for a software developer in Dublin is €36,171; for a software engineer €42,987; and for a senior software engineer €61,447. The average salary for jobs requiring PHP, Python, Cold Fusion, Ruby on Rails, Android/iOS, .NET and C+ skills is €45,000 – €60,000. For a Senior Front End/UI Developer it’s €55,000 – €65,000; for a technical architect €80,000 – €95,000; and for an engineering/development manager it can be as much as €90,000 – €110,000. However, remember that you will need to gain experience and develop and prove your experience in a work environment before you can command any of these higher salaries.

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