Video Interviews: put your best face forward

Video Interviews: put your best face forward

With increasing usage of video interviews amongst employers, find out how best to prepare for them.

Be prepared

Video interviews are increasingly popular method in the graduate recruitment process. According to gradireland’s Irish Salary Survey 2014, there has been a 10 per cent increase in usage of video interviewing, from 6.2 percent in 2013 to 16.2 percent in 2014. There are a number of methods in use; one-to one video interviews via Skype, or automated video interviews or self-recorded video applications which vary according to the system each company uses. They are a cost effective and time efficient way of screening potential candidates, they eliminate travel time and cost and can be recorded and reviewed several times during the employer’s decision process. Interviewing a candidate through video gives an employer an in-depth insight into a candidate’s mannerisms, their communication skills and their personality. A video interview may sound relatively simple, but like any interview you need to prepare for it!

one-to-one video interview (Skype)

Skype interviews can often be a relief to some candidates, as they do not have to factor travel time or cost into their interview, and can perform the interview from the comfort of their own homes. However, impressing an employer over Skype can prove to be more difficult than you might think. Employers can use a video interview to assess a number of key competencies such as your technological abilities, your interpersonal skills and even your organisation skills.
There a lot of factors to consider and prepare before attempting to make a lasting first impression on an employer with a video interview, as Barry Foy, an Application Scientist with Nanometrics, explains below:

"Not as intimidating as they sound!"

Video interviews aren’t as intimidating as they sound, they can be a great experience; however there are obvious differences to a
face-to-face interview to note. Choose a time that does not conflict with anything, ensure you’re giving the employer your full attention. I’d suggest dressing in interview attire; I found that it helped me to get into the right mindset. My biggest piece of advice would be to test everything beforehand; your technology setup, your interview area, your speakers and headset to ensure there’s no feedback, etc. You need to make sure you are in a clean and quiet environment to give yourself the best possible chance of performing a successful interview.

Barry Foy was interviewed for the gradireland & postgradireland 2015 Directory

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