Telecommunications engineer

Researches, designs and develops different types of technology that enable people to communicate over distance.

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Job description

Engineering is the application of science for the benefit of humankind; telecommunications is a specialised area of electronic engineering which involves designing and developing technologies for broadcast, mobile and optical communications.

Telecommunications engineers solve problems, assess situations and apply solutions using their knowledge of telecommunications, including ISDN, analog, T1, T2, SONET and ATM. Telecommunication engineers understand how telecommunications systems – including voice, data, radio, fiber optics and waves – work and are equipped to handle disruptions of service and come up with solutions to deal with problems as they may arise. They also design and create telecommunications systems. Telecommunications engineering also overlaps heavily with broadcast engineering.

Work activities

  • Planning, designing, commissioning and monitoring of complex telecommunication equipment and facilities and associated broadcasting equipment such as complex electronic switching systems, copper telephone facilities, video conferencing links and fiber optics
  • Working closely with clients, discussing solutions like Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to help them manage, monitor and track calls.
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